How much disruptive innovation would you like?

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Everyone has their own ideas about how much Disruptive Innovation they should allocate to their KiwiSaver portfolio, this is usually based on a variety of factors like age, income, risk appetite and future retirement goals, everyone is different.  That's why we've designed three options for you to choose from where you can allocate some or all of the ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund to your KiwiSaver portfolio. See the options below and if you need more help please get in touch with us.

There's three different ways to add ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund to your KiwiSaver portfolio:


1: Choose one of our existing funds 

You can choose to invest in our Growth or Balanced Fund, these are made up of a selection of asset classes (like shares, bonds and cash) and also include some exposure to the ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund. Find out more about the Growth and Balanced Funds here

Balanced Fund


Growth Fund


2: 100% ARK

If you’re at a stage in your life where you are comfortable taking on higher levels of risk and volatility, you can choose to allocate 100% of ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund to your KiwiSaver.

This fund is shown below:

ARK 100%


3: Choose your own Disruptive Innovation allocation

You can decide what proportion of the ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund you would like to allocate to your KiwiSaver portfolio.   You can do this by selecting a combination of our Nikko AM Funds and set the proportion of how much you would like to dedicate to each fund. Find out about the funds we offer here.

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How to join or transfer your KiwiSaver 

You can join or transfer to the Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme by using GoalsGetter, our easy to use online investment platform.

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Please ensure you have read the Product Disclosure Statement before investing. This fund is intended for long-term investors with a high risk tolerance who are seeking diversification from more traditional portfolios.

For further information please contact us Call: 0800 303 308

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